WWE 2K24 Delivers Knockout Punch: Best Wrestling Game in Years

Remastered gameplay, expanded modes and an impressive roster make it the most enjoyable wrestling game in recent memory

by Sededin Dedovic
WWE 2K24 Delivers Knockout Punch: Best Wrestling Game in Years
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WWE 2K has had a rough patch in recent years, culminating in the disastrous launch of 2K20 which led to a year-long hiatus. Fortunately, the series seems to have found its footing again. Building on the improvements made in 2K23, WWE 2K24 delivers the most well-rounded and enjoyable wrestling experience in franchise history under the 2K banner.

For many years this title was 'neglected', but definitely this year's game was made beyond expectations with many unexpected things that surprised fans and perfected the overall gaming experience. The most significant improvement in WWE 2K24 comes to the core of the game.

A revamped control scheme simplifies combat, with simple combinations of left stick movements and button presses triggering a variety of punches, grabs and signature moves. The response is excellent, making for a smooth and satisfying combat experience – a stark contrast to the clunky controls that plagued previous entries.

Despite the accessible core mechanics, depth remains for those who seek it. Each wrestler boasts a unique moveset that caters to their individual style, and the environment can be creatively incorporated into offensive and defensive strategies.

The movements of the wrestlers are much more realistic than in previous years, and in the game you will be able to see moves from last year's editions of WWE.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Gameplay© MKIceAndFire / Youtube channel

New match options and a packed roster

The choice of modes is expanded with the addition of Casket, Ambulance and Special Guest Referee matches.

While these additions don't drastically change the overall experience, they add to the growing authenticity of the game. The list remains the pinnacle, with over 200 superstars, legendary and current. However, some notable omissions such as Brock Lesnar and CM Punk are disappointing, especially considering the inclusion of lesser-known wrestlers.

These missing stars will likely be offered as paid downloadable content (DLC), a practice that may leave some fans feeling frustrated. This has been the case with almost all 2K games so far, so the absence of big names is probably a tactical move.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Gameplay© MKIceAndFire / Youtube channel

Universe and MyGM modes return with improvements. MyGM, in particular, shines with its engaging narrative structure that emphasizes strategy and management over turn-based action.

Players can change personnel, negotiate with sponsors and book events, offering an unparalleled level of control over their own wrestling universe. The universe mode, while enjoyable, has less impact as it focuses on the broader simulation rather than personalized storytelling.

Both modes, however, offer plenty of content and are likely to be the main attraction for many players.

MyRISE: A mixed bag

MyRISE mode allows players to create their own wrestler and guide them through two narrative campaigns – Unleashed and Undisputed.

While both offer around six hours of original content, their quality varies. Unleashed tells a more compelling story, following a rookie's journey into the world of WWE. Undisputed, on the other hand, feels less focused, revolving around a power struggle for the vacant championship left behind by Roman Reigns.

While MyRISE provides a decent introduction to character creation and customization, it also encourages microtransactions, a trend that becomes even more concerning in MyFaction mode.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Gameplay© MKIceAndFire / Youtube channel

MyFaction: Familiar Grind

MyFaction is essentially a reskin of the powered loot box mods found in other 2K sports titles like NBA 2K.

Players collect cards that feature wrestlers with different rarities and abilities. While the developers are trying to position MyFaction as a core mode, the emphasis on grinding and microtransactions feels out of place compared to the more strategic and engaging offerings elsewhere in the pack.

Showcase mode also gets a minor update, celebrating 40 years of WrestleMania with a historical retrospective. However, it remains a fun but ultimately shallow trip down memory lane. The console versions of WWE 2K24 run smoothly with minimal issues.

However, the PC port is a different story. Plagued with bugs, crashes and overall instability, the PC version is currently in an unplayable state. The audio-visual presentation is generally solid, with believable characters, energetic commentary and a decent soundtrack.

While the voice acting doesn't always impress, it adequately complements the overall experience. WWE 2K24 represents a significant step forward for the franchise. The revamped gameplay, expanded modes, and impressive roster make it the most enjoyable wrestling game in recent memory.

While MyFaction's microtransactions and weak PC port leave room for improvement. It seems that the time has come to face the fact that microtransactions in games are the reality of today and that this trend, unfortunately, will not change in the foreseeable future.

But regardless, the game definitely deserves a place at the top of this year, even though it is the beginning of the year and many big titles are ahead of us announced for the summer.