Xbox Showcase Targets June 9th: Awowed, CoD, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and More

According to unofficial information, Xbox will hold its presentation of new games on June 9, when it will present, according to rumors, new games Call of Duty, Awowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

by Sededin Dedovic
Xbox Showcase Targets June 9th: Awowed, CoD, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and More
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Spring and summer are traditionally the seasons for big video game presentations, and this year it looks like Microsoft will try to steal the show with its Xbox Showcase. The evidence is piling up, and here's what we can expect from this event.

Summer Game Fest and Ubisoft Forward have already taken their dates (June 7 and 10), but between them, according to reports from The Verge, June 9 for the Xbox Showcase looms. This makes sense as Microsoft has already confirmed a new games presentation in June, and historically that has been their Sunday evening schedule.

So, in June, expect great news and announcements of the release of some of the most popular titles, and there is reason for optimism, because such presentations in the past years have only brought us good news.

What could Microsoft show?

Xbox has plenty to work on - an impressive catalog of games in development, including Fable, State of Decay 3, Contraband, South of Midnight, The Outer Worlds 2 and Perfect Dark.

However, considering the proximity of the presentation, the focus will probably be on the titles that are closer to the release, no matter how eagerly we were waiting for some of the listed titles. Expected announcements will most likely be Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Considering the stage of game development these are the three most likely titles from Xbox Game Studios that have already been announced, but new material could be revealed and precise release dates, which interests us the most.

But some other titles could be presented at this presentation and it could be the globally popular Call of Duty. With Microsoft's recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it's possible that the latest Call of Duty title, slated for release this fall, will also premiere.

The Xbox Showcase has the potential to be the focal point of the big show season. With the combination of already announced games and potential surprises such as Call of Duty, Microsoft has the opportunity to attract a huge audience, but of course we must not underestimate the other two presentations in June, Summer Game Fest and Ubisoft Forward.

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