Developers are already working on game support for the PS5 Pro console

The PS5 Pro is being developed under the codename 'Trinity', in keeping with Sony's habit of using Matrix-inspired codenames

by Sededin Dedovic
Developers are already working on game support for the PS5 Pro console
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Recent leaks have given us a better look at the long-awaited PlayStation 5 Pro. All signs point to a release later this year for the upgraded console, boasting a faster CPU and more powerful GPU with improved ray tracing capabilities.

The Verge has obtained internal documents that appear to confirm the full technical specifications of the PS5 Pro. In addition, sources informed the outlet that game developers are actively preparing patches to ensure compatibility with the new console and its enhanced feature set.

The PS5 Pro, codenamed "Trinity" in keeping with Sony's tradition of Matrix-inspired codenames (the PSVR was "Morpheus"), will use the same CPU as the current PS5, but with a higher clock speed. The biggest improvements come with the GPU, which has additional hardware specifically designed to improve ray tracing performance.

Of course, this more robust graphics card means an overall increase in performance, offering developers the ability to target smoother frame rates or higher graphics settings. Sony reportedly expects the new GPU to be roughly 45% faster than the standard PS5.

Game studios have already received development kits, allowing them to begin preparing game updates for the new console. While there's no word yet on specific titles slated for support, Sony is expected to have all major PS5 hits optimized for launch later this year.

The news comes amid rumors of a separate PS5 Slim console, suggesting a two-pronged approach by Sony to cater to different segments of the PlayStation market. The PS5 Slim is expected to be a more affordable revision of the original console, potentially aimed at those who prioritize price over raw performance.

What to expect from the PS5 Pro While official details remain scarce, the leaks paint a picture of a console aimed at delivering improved performance for existing and upcoming titles. Gamers can expect smoother frame rates, higher resolutions, and potentially even support for 8K displays, though the extent of 8K capabilities remains to be seen.

The focus on improved ray tracing is particularly noteworthy. Ray tracing simulates the realistic behavior of light, creating incredibly detailed and immersive visuals. While current-gen consoles offer support for ray tracing, this often comes at the cost of performance.

The PS5 Pro's improved hardware suggests that developers will have more freedom to use ray tracing without sacrificing framerate.