'Fallout' - One Of The Best Video Game TV Adaptations Ever

"Fallout" is the most pleasant surprise of the years when it comes to series - the action of the series takes place in the year 2296 - more than 200 years have passed since the nuclear apocalypse that hit the Earth

by Sededin Dedovic
'Fallout' - One Of The Best Video Game TV Adaptations Ever
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The adaptations of video games into TV series have become quite good lately. Arcane, Castlevania, The Last of Us, Super Mario, Twisted Metal, and many others have shown that it's indeed possible to create a good series adapted from some of our favorite franchises.

Of course, there have been failures like Resident Evil and Halo, but there are more and more good adaptations. To that percentage, Fallout joins, the adaptation of Bethesda's well-known RPG game series. Fallout generally had low expectations because the assumption that everything adapted is bad or becomes bad at some point still lingered.

However, Fallout managed to surprise us all from the very first frame. The producers, actors, and directors paid great attention not only to the world of Fallout but also to the audience who played the games. There isn't a single frame in the entire series that doesn't have some reference to the games, isn't tied to the main story, and isn't authentically portrayed in the specific design of the Fallout universe.

As for the world-building itself, Fallout is a perfect ten. The story has multiple narratives that slowly come together into one intertwined whole throughout the episodes, and the series handles this very well. In the beginning, there are many gaps in the story that become negligible towards the end because they are either explained or overshadowed by bigger events that unfold.

Chronologically in relation to the games, the story doesn't align in all aspects, but that's not a big problem because it's very difficult to fit all 6 games at once.

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"Fallout" is the most pleasant surprise in terms of series in years - the series takes place in 2296 - more than 200 years have passed since the nuclear apocalypse.

Most of the human race perished as a result of the conflict, but there are survivors. Some people have been living in the underground world since the first day of the war - beneath the Earth's surface. Underground communities have created a world with their own rules, and generations of people have been born there who have never seen the surface of the Earth or life on the planet after the nuclear conflict.

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The story follows Lucy (Ella Purnell - Arcane, Invincible, Army of the Dead) who emerges from Vault 33 to find her father, who was abducted by bandits who broke into the vault.

Lucy will journey from the protected vault through the destroyed wasteland of America and realize that life in the vault is not the same as life outside, trying to hold onto her principles and beliefs. The second story follows Maximus (Aaron Moten - Disjointed, Emancipation, Next), a squire in the Brotherhood of Steel who wants to become a Knight at all costs and be clad in Power Armor, armor faithfully transferred from the video games.

The third main character is Ghoul (Walton Goggins - Invincible, Justified, White Lotus), formerly known as Cooper Howard.

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He is a bounty hunter tasked with finding a certain doctor who has escaped from the Enclave and bringing him back.

Cooper has the most interesting past because he has been living for 200 years through various drugs and "ghoulification," or turning into a more or less functional zombie. Through his story, we slowly understand how the nuclear catastrophe happened in America, how the vaults were built, what their purpose is, and what turned a famous American actor, Cooper, into a ruthless bounty hunter of ghouls.

As we follow these three main characters, we also see what is happening in Vault 33 and how it is being rebuilt after the gang raids. Each of the main characters will go through their own personal growth and problems, but all three will come together at some point for a phenomenal finale.

What generally distinguishes Fallout is the aesthetic they nailed perfectly, but also the humor. The humor in Fallout is quite dry, sarcastic, and sometimes completely bizarre. The series leans a bit more towards the bizarre aspect, which personally bothered me at first, but it harmonized with the rest of the series afterward, so it didn't seem forced.

Although the most famous actor in the series is Kyle MacLachlan, he appears in only two episodes and his acting performance is not overly important to the series. The most important acting roles in the first season of "Fallout" are British actress Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean and Walton Goggins in a dual role (Ghoul and Cooper Howard).

Ella excels in portraying the naive and somewhat lost but also brave and determined Lucy, while Walton Goggins added a third star to his excellent performances when it comes to series ("The Shield", "Justified"). Ghoul is a character that hasn't been seen in series for a long time. Fallout is a great adaptation of the franchise, but it's also a great series in its own right.