Butch Harmon on Rory McIlroy’s performance: That is what he needed

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Butch Harmon on Rory McIlroy’s performance: That is what he needed

Although Rory McIlroy lacked a Masters title to complete his career grandslams, he failed to come away with the win. Scottie Scheffler had a top performance and deservedly celebrated in the end. Still, McIlroy has never been particularly successful in Augusta, so this result can be considered great.

On this week’s episode of Off Course with Claude Harmon, Butch Harmon praised McIlroy’s comeback. “This, to me, was the shot in the arm he needed. He needed a finish like he had on Sunday to shoot 64,” Harmon said, as quoted by golf.com Butch noticed that Rory was losing confidence.

It is not easy when a player loses self-confidence because he cannot show his full potential and maximum.But Rory is still a top player. “I think he was losing his confidence. I think his confidence was down, he was trying different things, going to a few different coaches.

I think he went back to being Rory. I think he went back to just seeing the shots and hitting the shots. “He needed that last round for confidence.


Harmon believes this is exactly what McIlroy lacked in order to gain self-confidence.

This will be an additional motive for Rory to show his capacity in the next tournaments. Everyone is aware of his qualities and what he can do when he is the best. Now it remains for him to prove it. There are great expectations from him that he will try to fulfill.

“This is exactly what Rory McIlroy needed,” Harmon said. “He needed this to show himself, not anyone else, just to show himself that he could do this. And I think now, when we get to the PGA and the Open at St.

Andrews, I think it’s going to be a different story. I think Rory’s gonna be in the hunt in all of them”.