Steve Williams speaks about the funny situation with Tiger Woods at the K club

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Steve Williams speaks about the funny situation with Tiger Woods at the K club

We don't have to talk too much about Tiger Woods. His records and his results speak everything about what a great player he is. However, the Ryder Cup proved to be his weak link, as he did not achieve much success there. Golfmonthly brings us an interesting story that happened at the Ryder Cup in 2006 when Steve Williams dropped his 9 iron into the water on the par 3.

“It was a Par 3, a green that has all water to the front of it and to the right of it," he said for Chasing Majors' podcast, as quoted by golfmonthly. "I’m leaning on Tiger’s club, he’s up there putting, and I’m leaning on this club, and I slip, and I’ve either got to let me go in the water or the club, so I let the club go."

Williams on Woods

Tiger Woods was being left a 9-iron yardage at the next hole. Williams wondered a lot at the time. “We go to the next hole, I believe he was playing with Jim Furyk. Tiger’s going to hit his second shot, and it’s the bloody 9-iron,” Williams recalled.

“I’m thinking, ‘I just can’t give him the yardage for an 8 or a wedge; it’s a 9, I can’t deviate this one.’ “[Woods] goes to pull the 9-iron out, and he says ‘Where’s the 9-iron?’ and I said ‘You know that lake back there...?’” Finding out that he now had 13 clubs, Tiger handled the situation well.

When we say well, we mean, humorously, simply saying “you f*****g clown... only you”. An interesting situation that really made many people laugh. What we are especially glad about is that Tiger Woods is with us again, and that he has shown and proved that nothing can destroy him. We expect a lot from him in the coming period, although we are pleased with the return of the great golf legend.