Tiger Woods after opening round: That's not normally how I play

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Tiger Woods after opening round: That's not normally how I play

Tiger Woods is not happy with his start on the PGA Tour. Although he had a good start, he failed to show what we expected from him, but that is not strange considering that the best is yet to be expected from him. And the pain was a big obstacle for him.

"Physically, I've felt better," Woods told Sky Sports. "Emotionally, I've actually felt better too. It was frustrating. I got off to a great start today, I did exactly what I needed to do starting out the round, but I did not keep it going.

"I hit a lot of bad iron shots, put myself in a lot of bad spots, and never really gave myself any birdie putts. I actually felt comfortable with the driver, I hit a lot of fairways with it, but from there it wasn't very good.

"Most of my bunker shots I hit were long, came out ho*ter than I thought, but predominately I just hit bad iron shots. That's not normally how I play, but today unfortunately that's kind of what it was."

Tiger Woods on Rory McIlroy

Woods also praised his colleague Rory McIlroy for showing his quality, and Woods hopes to be able to show the same game as his colleague. It will be difficult, but we know that Tiger will not give up easily and that he is ready for the biggest goals.

"Obviously you can shoot something in the mid-60s, Rory [McIlroy] proved that today," Woods told Sky Sports. "He made it look very easy. He had a couple of shots where he slipped away and he still shot five under and made it look very easy.

"It can be done, I've witnessed it first-hand, so hopefully I can put together something similar tomorrow and get myself back in this tournament." An interesting tournament and exciting.