Tiger Woods withdrew from the PGA Tour: The most interesting reactions

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Tiger Woods withdrew from the PGA Tour: The most interesting reactions
Tiger Woods withdrew from the PGA Tour: The most interesting reactions (Provided by Financial World)

After Tiger Woods withdrew from the PGA Tour, most were left with surprises, but that’s not something we couldn’t have expected. A large number of golfers reacted, and one of them is Rich Beem "I've played enough golf with Tiger in the generations, and this is just partial Tiger Woods right now, this isn't the complete Tiger Woods," he told Sky Sports.

"I know it's great having him out there, he still draws the largest fanbase and it's nice having him, but I just wish we could get him where he's a little bit healthier and not struggling so much physically." Dougherty believes most are surprised why he plays under such injuries.

"Many will probably look at it and think, why do it? Why does he need to do it, with what he's won and achieved already?" Dougherty said. "It looks painful for him and the work that he has to put in, going home for a couple of ice baths tonight doesn't sound like a great time!

"I don't think he's ready to say goodbye to competing for a while yet. I think he'd be lonely in his life in a competitive sense, in a meaningful, purposeful sense if he didn't have this still. Even though it's not often, he still looks like he lives to prepare to try and to roll the dice in these events." Paul McGinley on Woods Paul McGinley made an interesting statement.

"We all know he came back from a very serious injury and nearly lost his leg at one stage, but the other side of it is that he has played so little golf," McGinley said, as quoted by Golf Channel. "Even if you are Tiger Woods, you need to get rounds under your belt and you need to stay competitively sharp.

Even though he's probably the greatest competitor we've ever seen in the game, you still need tournament play. "He had played one tournament in 17 months before he came to The Masters and hasn't played since then until he came to Southern Hills.

Whether he can do it physically or not is a big question, but if he's going to compete in these majors then he has got to find a way of somehow playing tournaments in between the major championships. "You just can't turn up and expect to compete if you don't have miles on the clock in terms of competitive rounds. I think he is missing that as much as the physical challenges that he is having."

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