Greg Norman's reaction to Kevin Na's decision: "We're glad, but ..."

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Greg Norman's reaction to Kevin Na's decision: "We're glad, but ..."

Kevin Na and his decision to resign from the PGA Tour provoked a lot of reactions. One of those who reacted was Greg Norman, LIV Golf CEO. He surprised many with his reaction. "I'm a bit surprised, actually," Norman said for the PA news agency, as quoted by skysports.

"The players don't have to resign from the Tour. That was Kevin's decision for whatever reason he wanted to make it. "I respect the man for making a bold decision. I respect the person for wanting to come on board with us, because he knows he has a great opportunity with LIV.

I'll applaud him for it, but he didn't have to, from our behalf, because LIV would be there (for him). "Like I've always said, we're going to back up the players. I'll back up the players as much as I need to, to give them their rights to be able to do whatever they want to do as independent contractors."

Dustin Johnson has also decided to play at LIV Golf and many are looking forward to the start of the tournament, especially when famous names have taken part. "Having DJ sign up is a huge feather in the cap for LIV Invitationals, but it's also another indicator that no matter how great you are or no matter how small you are, you have this opportunity of playing somewhere else," Norman added.

"DJ seized on that moment and I'm proud of him for doing that."

Analyst reaction

Sky Sports analyst Rich Beem reacted to Na's decision and money was 'primary' in everything. "I still don't quite understand why he feels it's necessary to separate himself from the PGA Tour, unless there is method to his madness," Beem told Sky Sports.

"The only thing that makes sense to me is that there is a benefit going on down the road, whether it's monetary or, should he not perform well, he is guaranteed more starts in years to come. "When you're out there playing for $25m a week that potentially means a lot more money.

I think it's sad he felt he needed to withdraw his membership of the PGA Tour. "I'm not too sure the PGA Tour's going to go after him directly, but he felt it was in his best interests. It certainly feels like he's pledging his allegiance more towards the LIV series than the PGA Tour."