Who are the new potential candidates for LIV Golf?

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Who are the new potential candidates for LIV Golf?

Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed, and Rickie Fowler are potential candidates for LIV Golf, but this is speculation for now and no one wants to give official notice about it. DeChambeau posted earlier on Twitter and said that he was focused on PGA: "While there has been a lot of speculation surrounding my support for another tour, I want to make it very clear that as long as the best players in the world are playing the PGA Tour, so will I."

DeChambeau believes the PGA can give him much more, but things could change "There's obviously a lot of conversation," he said, as quoted by skysports. "For me, I personally don't think that at this point in time I'm in a place in my career where I can risk things like that "I'm loyal to my family that I've created around me with sponsors and everything.

And as of right now, the golf world is probably going to change in some capacity. I don't know what that is. Not my job to do so. I'm just going to keep playing professional golf and enjoy it wherever it takes me, play with the best players in the world.

That's really all I've got, that's what I'll do for the rest of my life, because I want to be one of the best players in the world."

Fowler reacted

Fowler had an interesting statement about the PGA.

"I've mentioned in the past, do I currently think the PGA Tour is the best place to play? I do. Do I think it can be better? Yes," added Fowler. Mickelson surprised many when he decided to accept the LIV Golf invitation.

"I don't condone human rights violations" "I've had an awesome time, I've had a four-month break from the game. It's given me time to continue some of the work and therapy that I've been working on, on some areas I'm deficient in, in my life.

"It's given me time to reflect on what I want to do going forward, what's best for me, what's best for the people I care about. This allows me to be more present and engaged with people I care about. "That is why, when I think about being a part of LIV Golf, I feel so good about it."