Rory McIlroy on players banned by the PGA: There are going to be consequences

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Rory McIlroy on players banned by the PGA: There are going to be consequences

It didn't take long for the PGA Tour to react to their players' performance at LIV Golf. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has automatically announced that all those who perform at LIV Golf will be permanently banned from the PGA Tour.

Rory McIlroy who, although he respected the decisions of his colleagues, believes that this is a good decision of the PGA "All Jay can do at this point is go by the rules that are in the tournament regulations. He's been very transparent about that from day one.

That's what he's doing," he said, as quoted by skysports. "These guys, whether they did or didn't ask for releases, the guys that asked for them didn't get them… and the guys that just didn't ask are obviously over there.

"I guess there are consequences to those decisions, but as I said in my press conference yesterday, the guys in London have to do what they feel is right for themselves. "I certainly don't begrudge them for being there, I certainly don't envy them, but I've always felt this is the best place to play golf, and I still believe that."

Rory McIlroy comments on players' decision

McIlroy was asked an interesting question, whether he would take shares of LIV Golf. "I'm as engaged as everyone else in just wanting to see how it's going, so I'll have a look and see how it's going.

Haven't bought any team merchandise yet, but I'll have an eye on how some of the boys are doing over there." "I think at this point, Jay (Monahan) has been pretty transparent in terms of he's just going to act within the tournament regulations and the rules that are set for a PGA Tour member," after an opening-round 66 at the RBC Canadian Open.

"All he's doing is basically going by the book. I think that the majority of the membership that are here this week and that haven't gone and played elsewhere really appreciate that. "So I think he's done the right thing because these guys have broken rules and done things outside of the tournament regulations, and because of that, there are going to be consequences, I guess."