Jim Nantz: LIV golfers are considered traitors by people

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Jim Nantz: LIV golfers are considered traitors by people

Golf legend, Nick Faldo is not happy with the players performing at LIV Golf, and he revealed his reasons why he does not support their decisions.
No. 1, you saw those faces, you can’t feel good being a Major champion to be suspended from the tour," said Faldo for skysports.

"We’ve got two totally different golf tournaments. One, we play for tournaments and national championships over here and the LIV Tour is what, 54 holes and no cut, shotgun start, you know, it sounds crazy."

Faldo believes that players who cannot dominate the PGA and who are not of good quality have decided to play at LIV Golf. “And the other thing that is very noticeable is the players that have left. Obviously, they’re in their mid-40s, they’ve been out here on Tour, they’ve been battling away and they probably know they can’t win out here against the youngsters.

So they’re taking the easy option to go over and try and win a boatload of cash”.

Jim Nantz: Sense of disappointment

Jim Nantz is also one of those who does not support the decisions of LIV Golfers. He considers this move as a betrayal and it seems that money still plays a major role in everything.

This is clear from the beginning, and some have already admitted it. "What I keep hearing from people, too, is a sense of disappointment, even a little betrayal. They’ve always been told the story — and I know it was true — that at some point in their careers the dream was to play on the PGA Tour, build a legacy, build your future financially.

“And the Tour’s been good to them. It’s a Tour that’s come into these communities for decades and made these communities better than how they were when they first got there. I’m talking not millions; I’m talking billions of dollars into these communities”.