Phil Mickelson: That’s why I chose LIV Golf

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Phil Mickelson: That’s why I chose LIV Golf

Phil Mickelson has been under a lot of pressure since deciding to take part in LIV Golf. Terry Strada, the chair of 9/11 Families United has criticized Mickelson and considers his move a betrayal. "Whether it was the appeal of millions of dollars of hard cash, or just the opportunity to prosecute your professional grievances with the PGA, you have sold us out.

This is a betrayal not only of us, but of all your countrymen." - he said, as quoted by skysports. It didn't take long for him to react: "I would say to the Strada family, I would say to everyone that has lost loved ones, lost friends on 9/11 that I have deep, deep empathy for them.

I can't emphasise that enough," he said. "I have the deepest of sympathy and empathy for them."

Phil Mickelson on critics

Rory McIlroy and many others have criticized Mickelson’s move, but he still respects them as persons and all that they have accomplished.

"I certainly respect Rory," he said. "I thought what a great finish yesterday and great accomplishment and what a career he has had. I certainly respect him. I respect his ideas. I respect all the players that choose to stay on the PGA Tour.

"I certainly think extremely highly of many of the players on the PGA Tour and their right to their own decisions. "I gave as much back to the PGA Tour and the game of golf that I could throughout my 30 years here, and through my accomplishments on the course I've earned a lifetime membership.

I intend to keep that and then choose going forward which events to play and not." This decision was not easy to make, but it seems that finances were not the only reason why Phil decided to be part of LIV Golf. "I think that there's an obvious incredible financial commitment, but more than that - for all the players involved and everyone involved, there are other factors that with fewer tournaments, it allows me to have more balance in my life.

It allows me to do things that are off the golf course I've always wanted to do. "I find that as I prioritise those that are important to me, people that are important to me going forward, this allows me to have more time with them, be more present, and to share more life experiences outside of golf."