Justin Thomas: I would hope the guys look up to Rory McIlroy

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Justin Thomas: I would hope the guys look up to Rory McIlroy

Justin Thomas showed tremendous respect to Rory McIlroy and praised everything Rory has done for golf but also for the PGA Tour. "There's nobody that, I think, acts better, acts more humble and more grounded for what they've done and who they are than him," said Thomas for skysports.

"I would hope [the guys look up to him]. I know he's accomplished a lot more than I have. He's been out here longer. He's been more successful.

Justin Thomas: I think that he's very honest

Justin Thomas also remembered a moment when he was still a rookie.

McIlroy supported him and was willing to cooperate. "I remember being a rookie and moving down to Jupiter, and he was out at Bear's Club. Being the person I am, wanting to learn, going up to him and saying, hey, I'd love to play sometime, introduced myself, and he's like, any time, and gave me his number, and we kind of hit it off.

We're very similar personalities. "For me, I definitely think that other people should look up to someone like him. I do in some aspects. There's definitely other parts that he's still a competitor and someone that I'm trying to beat, but there's still a lot of things that as a leader that he does really well, and I think that he's very honest, like I am.

McIlroy supported the PGA Tour and paid tribute to them, unlike several players who chose to compete in the LIV Golf. "I'm not going to sit in here and feed a PC answer or just say something to maybe please a certain crowd.

If you feel a certain way, you feel like you should say that. "That's what he does, and he does it for the best reasons and hopes that it's going to be the best for the PGA Tour."