Martin Kaymer on criticism for performing at LIV Golf


Martin Kaymer on criticism for performing at LIV Golf

Martin Kaymer is one of those who has been much criticized for his decision to play at LIV Golf. However, he disagrees with the majority’s opinion that LIV Golf is the wrong decision. "I don't understand why it [LIV Golf taking the 48 best players in the world] would be damaging because it's just another option to play golf.

It's not like that we would resign from other tours and the pressure that comes from different tours. I'm not saying, you know, LIV is the best out there and they don't have special rules as well. But the main thing is that, nobody is against each other, but somehow it comes across like everybody is, you know, ‘LIV is taking over, LIV is against the PGA Tour and the European tour’.

I never heard that from anybody from LIV."- Kaymer said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

Kaymer: It’s fantastic for me

Kaymer will still have the right to compete in other competitions. He expects a lot from LIV Golf and it will be interesting to see what the new competition will look like.

What he has emphasized many times is that the LIV Golf and PGA Tour, like others, need to sit down and talk. "It’s Fantastic. It’s fantastic for me," he said on potentially playing 14 LIV events anf four Majors in the future.

"But I will still play the tournaments in Germany, I would still play for example, the Scottish open, you know, those events that deserve the best players in the world. Obviously, it would be great to have also a plan that the player was a member of the European Tour plays maybe a couple of smaller events, you know, to support that.

But the matter of fact is that you need to talk to each other and need to make a plan together. And this is the bottom line, you need to speak."

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