Sandy Lyle: That’s where Tiger Woods is going to struggle

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Sandy Lyle: That’s where Tiger Woods is going to struggle

The 150th Open Championship could be the ideal chance for Woods to come back and impress everyone. However, it is still not known whether he will return, but the great golfer Sandy Lyle spoke to the mirror about his assumptions: “I think we were all gobsmacked he was going to play in the Masters, and that personally wouldn’t have been my first choice for him knowing what he’s had to put up with in terms of walking.

“Walking was the biggest thing for him. You look at his body, he’s fit and his attitude is good, like it’s always good. But is his body going to let him down when he gets down the stretch? Swelling is a big thing he has to worry about right now.

“It’s not like he’s not fit enough to get round, he’s been in hospital, hasn’t walked - he’s been training hard for many months and he doesn’t do it at a third rate. “It’s really about how his body is going to react, and I think it reacted OK.

I think he was struggling a bit at night time because of swelling. It’s a bit like tennis players, after a four or five hour tennis match and they go into ice baths to try and get themselves back to some sort of normal, get the swelling down.

Sandy Lyle: That’s where Tiger Woods is going to struggle

Tiger Woods has major injury problems that frustrate him. He will have to find a solution for them if he wants to continue to be on the golf scene. “That’s where Tiger is going to struggle a little bit, but maybe not so much at St Andrews, because it’s a flatter golf course.

It’s just the standing, walking and standing, his ankles could swell a bit and swelling is what he doesn’t want in his legs and his knees. “But only he knows what he can do and can’t do, I can only observe what I see from the outside.

What he did swing-wise at the Masters and what he’s doing body-wise, it all looks pretty A-1. “There’s no reason he shouldn’t contend for The Open in a few weeks’ time, and I think he’s got a great chance”.

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