Rafael Nadal: Tiger Woods was always an example, he's my role model!

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Rafael Nadal: Tiger Woods was always an example, he's my role model!

Tiger Woods is a man who has been on the golf scene for many years, and it's no wonder where he has so many fans. However, what is especially impressive is that Rafael Nadal is his fan. Even after his accident last year, Nadal sent a message of support for Woods.

“When I heard about the news, I was really worried. I am happy to know that you are fine. Get back to health soon, my friend!"- Spaniard wrote on Twitter.

Rafal Nadal on his career and Tiger Woods

Rafael Nadal has many problems with injuries and there is already a lot of talk about his retirement.

The Spaniard is not giving up despite everything, and it seems that he will be on the tennis scene for a few more years. "It is normal for people to talk about the retirement of great athletes, since they have been in the elite for a long time, especially in very popular sports that form part of people's lives.

They become a fundamental part of a person's daily life, since they are an inspiration," Nadal said, as quoted by nypost. Even as a boy, Nadal had Tiger Woods as his role model. "I love watching Tiger Woods. Now I can't see him play that often.

In a way that is a change in my life too. I imagine that people will think the same of me, or they will think the same as fans of Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic when they are not playing," he added. Tiger Woods is an example of effort, work, quality, and persistence.

A few years ago, Nadal praised Woods. "I've always said I don't have a role model, but if I had one, I would have to say it's him, he said in 2019. He's a big inspiration. accomplished in the sport, struggling so hard,.. He was always an example.

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