Graeme McDowell: I don’t wake up and feel proud of myself every day

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Graeme McDowell: I don’t wake up and feel proud of myself every day

Graeme McDowell suffers major consequences because he decided to perform at Liv Golf. "I’m having my moral integrity attacked all the time when, at the end of the day, all I’m trying to do is play golf. I’m trying to make a business decision for me and my family.

And, you know, I’ve paid my dues in this game over the last 20 years, I’ve tried to carry myself the right way. “The tenuous links to what the Saudi regime have done, the horrible things they have done, they’re trying to link this to golf and playing professional golf.

It’s very difficult when you’re in a situation where you’re literally being asked questions that there are no right answers to and you’re just being torn apart for it”. - he said for golfmonthly.


Social media have become a real problem in today's society, and athletes especially feel it on their skin. “I don’t wake up and feel proud of myself every day," ha said. "You know, I can’t turn on my Instagram or Twitter account without someone telling me to go die.

It’s been a really tough couple of months. But again, I expected it, I knew what the consequences are going to be, I just didn’t realise kind of just how heavily this was going to be hammered, trying to answer questions which are unanswerable." He believes that he made a mistake during the press conference in London.

“That’s probably the only mistake I made in London at the first event when I was in my press conference – I just wish I’d said nothing. I just wish I just sat there and just kind of shook my head and said no comment.

But it’s not who I am. I always try and be truthful and try to answer questions. I shouldn’t have bothered. I’ve played golf all over the world and countries whose human rights records could probably be torn apart as well.

I’ve never questioned being in China or being in the Middle East or being all over the world."