Justin Thomas on Tiger Woods: "I've been picking his brains a little bit"


Justin Thomas on Tiger Woods: "I've been picking his brains a little bit"

After his return, Tiger Woods is under a lot of pressure, since the public is following his every move. The Open will be a real challenge for him, and after the practice round, some opinions have already appeared. Justin Thomas is one of those who spoke about Woods; "Yeah, his swing still looks as good as ever, it does," Thomas said, as quoted by skysports.

"Would I be surprised if he challenged this week? No. I've learned better than to challenge anything about him. "I've been picking his brains a little bit. I understand that he's going to be a little withholding of some information.

But I'm trying to needle it out of him and get as much out of him as I can, because he's done pretty well around this place."

Jamie Weir speaks about Tiger Woods

Sky Sports News' Jamie Weir has been watching Woods and his fitness and has seen many flaws in him.

It is obvious that Woods is not fully prepared, but even so, he will be a great danger to others. "He [Woods] isn't looking great, he's in quite a lot of discomfort," said Sky Sports News' Jamie Weir, who followed Tiger during his practice round.

"He walked up the hill onto the sixth tee box and he was limping as he did that, leaning on his putter. He hit a driver off the fourth tee and just bending down to pick his tee out of the ground took a considerable amount of effort for him.

"He's clearly still in quite a lot of pain. He obviously withdrew from the US Open in order to make sure that his body was in the best possible condition for The Open Championship, but he didn't look great when we saw him a couple of months ago at the PGA Championship either.

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