Ashleigh Barty: "Golf totally different from tennis"

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Ashleigh Barty: "Golf totally different from tennis"

Ashleigh Barty come back to be talked about after retiring from Tennis. The former world number one has tried his hand at golf. Barty is no stranger to sports outside the tennis courts. Back in 2014 she announced her retirement to pursue a professional career in cricket.

The separation from her racket did the Australian good that she returned to the tennis courts in 2016 stronger than before. Immediately after the return, in fact, in addition to setting the record of aces scored, 17 aces in a single game, against the American Sofia Kenin, she was able to update her palmares thanks to the fourteenth victory in her career by winning the tournament in Adelaide, in Australia, beating Elena Rybakina in the final.

As if stopping for a while had served to recharge her energy in order to win three slams and take first place in the WTA ranking in 2019 by overtaking Japan's Osaka after surprising tennis fans on March 23 by announcing her second retirement from Tennis at the age of 25, Barty now plays golf and to journalists who ask her if this will be her next professional sport, she replies: "It's hard to say if I will be able to pursue a professional career in golf, the sure thing is that I love this sport"

Ashleigh Barty explains the differences between golf and tennis

The Australian explained: "It's totally different.

Tennis is a fast and responsive sport. Golf is the opposite. It's slow, you have time to think and to analyze what you have to do." It is deduced, therefore, that he still needs to disconnect. We do not know if it is to recharge the batteries in view of yet another return to the tennis courts or if it is definitive.

what we know is that Barty is in a new sporting dimension that he is comfortable with at the moment. The hope, for us tennis fans, is that she will be able to go back to bursts of aces on the tennis courts and she will be able to continue to give us the show.

On the other hand, she is still very young, she could still have many years as a professional ahead of her.
She also she misses a Us Open in her list.