Tiger Woods' caddy gives an update on Woods' future!


Tiger Woods' caddy gives an update on Woods' future!

Tiger Woods will be absent from the world of golf for a long time. The injury he suffered after the accident seems to be a huge problem for him. What most people want is to watch him again. Woods revealed some plans for the future.

"Maybe something next year. I don't know. But nothing in the near future," he said, as quoted by usatoday. "This is it. I was just hoping to play this one event this year." One of his biggest supporters is caddy Joe LaCava. LaCava is a great motivator and revealed when we might watch Woods again.

"I'm hoping that he will play maybe in December at the Hero and the father-son, and then maybe the Genesis [Invitational] … I'm hoping three, maybe four tournaments before The Masters," LaCava said.

Tiger Woods and his plans

LaCava does not want to give up on Woods and is ready to do anything to help.

Tiger showed at St.Andrews that he is far from his true form. However, it is also reasonable considering the injury he had. "I won't do much, I'll do the same thing. I'll say 'Tiger, hey listen, if you're starting to feel better in October or November, maybe I'll come down for a couple of weeks [to Florida], we'll hang out, don't have to play every day, we don't have to practice every day, I'll be there and maybe give you a bit of motivation, we'll do some playing practice here and there and get ready for the Hero and get ready for the following year of '23 and get him ready in any respect that he needs." It's really a shame that such a great player has to miss big tournaments due to injury. However, it's all part of the sport and sometimes things like this are part of your journey.

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