Andrew 'Beef' Johnston; It's hard to refuse offers from LIV Golf

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Andrew 'Beef' Johnston; It's hard to refuse offers from LIV Golf

Liv Golf manages to lure golfers with its offers. Many have decided on a project supported by the Saudis. Andrew 'Beef' Johnston thinks it's no wonder that most people can't refuse such offers; "From my perspective, I've got an injury now and I've been out for a year.

If you get offered £10m, how do you turn that down?' he said for Stirkers and Radar Podcast, as quoted by skysports. "I would have to seriously think about it because that changes my life and sets me up for the future.

"It comes down to your values and why you're playing golf. You'd have to seriously consider it [but] I'm not saying I would go."

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston: That's another question

Most golfers are aware that majors are the most important thing, but money also plays a big role.

"In other worlds, how would you feel if someone came along and offered you X amount to do the same job. You'd have to consider it, right? Financially it's great, but that's the only reason you're going. "When it comes down to your values and why you play golf, that's where it gets very difficult for someone like me, because you go, 'Hang on, I'll never play another major again'

"If you can't play the majors and the big tournaments with all the history, people are going to miss that. That's another question that goes through your head. He wants to be a part of big tournaments and be written in the history of the biggest competitions of this sport.

"The experiences that I've had at some of the majors have been amazing. When you go and tee up at The Open or in the US, they are incredible and are memories that last forever. "If I'm fit and healthy for the next 10 years, I'd be playing majors, Ryder Cups hopefully, because you cannot buy that experience."

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