Rory McIlroy on LIV Golfers: "They want to try to get their way back in here with.."

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Rory McIlroy on LIV Golfers: "They want to try to get their way back in here with.."

Rory McIlroy reacted quickly to the decision of the federal judges who delighted golf fans. Namely, they decided to ban LIV Golfers from being part of the PGA Tour. "From my vantage point common sense prevailed and I thought it was the right decision.

It just lets us focus on the important stuff, which is the golf. We can all move forward and not have that sideshow going on for the next few weeks, which is nice”. - McIlroy said, as quoted by independent. Rory believes that every action has its own consequences and that they should accept their own consequences.

"The thing I would say is I certainly have a little more respect for the guys that haven’t put their names to the suit. Guys are going to make their own decisions they feel are best for them and that’s totally fine.

I don’t begrudge anyone for going to play LIV and taking guaranteed money. I think where the resentment comes from is the fact they want to try to get their way back in here with no consequences. Anyone that’s read the PGA Tour handbook or abided by the rules and regulations, that would feel very unfair to them”.

Judge Fremman speaks on problem

Judge Freeman assessed the situation well. “It appears to the court that the LIV contracts, negotiated by the players and consummated between the parties, were based upon the players’ calculation of what they would be leaving behind and the amount the players would need to monetise to compensate for those losses,” Freeman said.

“I do agree with the defendants that those losses were well known to the players at the time and clearly monetised. And, in fact, the evidence shows that it seems almost without a doubt that they will be earning more than they have made and could reasonably have expected to make in a reasonable amount of time under the PGA (Tour)”.