Tiger Woods advised Serena Williams: "He said, 'Serena, what if.."

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Tiger Woods advised Serena Williams: "He said, 'Serena, what if.."

Serena Williams had many dilemmas throughout her career, but the last one, related to retirement, caused her great stress. Williams had to ask someone for advice, and one of the first people she asked was Tiger Woods. She knew he had what it took to give her advice.

Woods himself had many dilemmas in his career. “This spring, I had the itch to get back on the court for the first time in seven months. I was talking to Tiger Woods, who’s a friend, and I told him I needed his advice on my tennis career,” she said for Vogue “I said, ‘I don’t know what to do: I think I’m over it, but maybe I’m not over it.’ He’s Tiger, and he was adamant that I be a beast the same way he is!

“He said, ‘Serena, what if you just gave it two weeks? You don’t have to commit to anything. You just go out on the court every day for two weeks and give it your all and see what happens.’

Serena William's reaction to his advice: And I didn’t do it

Williams still had other plans, but after some time she decided to listen to Woods.

The love for tennis has always been in her and it had to be confirmed. “I said, ‘All right, I think I can do that.’ And I didn’t do it. But a month later, I gave it a try. And it felt magical to pick up a racket again.

And I was good. I was really good. I went back and forth about whether to play Wimbledon, and the US Open after that”. His advice was of great help to Williams. Tiger Woods is a respected person who is a role model for many athletes. The experience he has and everything else makes him a great person.

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