Will Zalatoris: Fiancee asked me what my plans were if I didn't make the weekend

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Will Zalatoris: Fiancee asked me what my plans were if I didn't make the weekend

Will Zalatoris could not hide his happiness after winning the PGA title. He waited a long time for this, and silenced those who doubted his qualities. Zalatoris was better than Strak in the final. His maturity and dedication are the reason for such success.

A few days ago, Zalatoris spoke about an interesting conversation with his Fiancee after the first round of the tournament. “I kind of had a hilarious conversation with my fiancée about it because she asked me on Thursday night what my plans were if I didn’t make the weekend,” he said, as quoted by Golf.com, and added, “She meant that in all good fun”.

Zalatoris said to her; “I told her let’s cross that bridge when we get there,” Zalatoris laughed.

Will Zalatoris and the changes

Zalatoris parted ways with his longtime caddy, and now has a new caddy that seems to be a winning formula.

“You know, I think it was honestly just we’re still trying to figure each other out a little bit,” Zalatoris said. “Typically a really good green reader, but it think it’s — you know, we haven’t really had different reads on any putts so far; it’s really just been having the confirmation that we got the right read and if it goes in, it goes in, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

But I think the confirmation part is the part that’s really helped”. He was close to success many times, but now he took the last and most important step. It's been a long time coming. "It's kind of hard to say 'about time' when you're in your second year on Tour but [it's] about time," Zalatoris said.

"Considering all the close finishes that I've had this year, to finally pull it off means a lot." Will is a huge talent who is yet to show what he is capable of.