Patrick Cantlay frustrated: I’m surprised every time I come to a golf course.."

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Patrick Cantlay frustrated: I’m surprised every time I come to a golf course.."

Patrick Cantlay is not happy with the changes at BMW Championship and seems quite frustrated. “I’m so surprised that [the Tour hasn’t] figured it out,” Cantlay said on Tuesday, as quoted by “It just seems like we’re getting more and more of the same bomb-it-as-far-as-you-can golf courses week after week”.

The architects decided on a move that Cantlay does not really like. “The way we combat the distance, the way these architects seem to think they want to combat distance is by taking all the trees out and playing it 7,600 yards and put the tees way back and all the par-5s are at 600 yards,” Cantlay said. “I don’t think that makes any sense.

Patrick Cantlay: I’m surprised every time

Patrick Cantlay is not satisfied with what they are doing, mostly because of the shaping. “I’m surprised every time I come to a golf course where they say it’s recently been redone and then there’s no real shaping of golf shots.

It’s just how far can you hit it and grab your driver on every hole and hit it as high and hit it as far as you possibly can. If you can hit it 315 yards, you’ve taken out all the bunkers, and you’re maybe in the rough, but it’s way better in the rough with a 9- or 8-iron than it is maybe in the fairway with a 5-iron if you were to lay up to the fat part of the fairway before the bunkers”.

Cantlay also talked about other golfers who do not play on smaller courts, “It’s so surprising to me that the golf courses that none of the guys who hit it far, they don’t go to Hilton Head, they don’t go to Colonial, they don’t go to the short, small, dogleggy tree-lined golf courses,” he said.