Rory McIlroy: I felt it was just right

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Rory McIlroy: I felt it was just right

Rory McIlroy has shown that he is not only a top golfer, but also a top man. Rory and the others are not giving up their fight against Liv Golf and are trying to find an ideal solution for LIV. After LIV Golf showed its intentions, Rory and the other top players got together and held a meeting where they discussed the next steps.

It was interesting. “I care deeply about our sport. I care about its history. I care about its legacy. I care about the integrity of the game,” McIlroy said, as quoted by irishexaminer. “There's a lot of players out here that are like-minded and share those same views.

I felt it was just right. I think the one thing that has sort of happened over the years is we all sort of are our own little independent businesses and we sort of try to compete against each other, and I think this is the first time in a long time where we sort of all sat down and were like, let's try to be business partners.

How can we all pull in the same direction here to benefit everyone and to help the entire tour and to help each other basically”.

Rory McIlroy and a new project

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and Mike McCarley formed TMRW Sports.

TMRW will be associated with the Pga Tour, and they consider it a good thing for the future. “Our first project, it's rooted in the traditions of the game, but it's taking a big step into the future,” said McCarley of the TGL.

“Every step along the way, we thought about how can we enhance the fan experience. It starts with having the two biggest superstars in the game, Tiger and Rory, committed to play”. McIlroy and Woods are truly an indication of how well-known athletes can have an impact. They will try to use their influence to help the PGA Tour and strengthen its status.

Rory Mcilroy