New name at LIV Golf: Thank you Tiger Woods and others. I am forever indebted to you

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New name at LIV Golf: Thank you Tiger Woods and others. I am forever indebted to you

The Pga Tour is in deep trouble. Cameron Tringale is another in the series who will leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf. This can be a concern for the PGA Tour, which is trying to deal with things like this. Tringale issued a statement after joining LIV Golf, and the decision was not easy to make.

“After much reflection, prayer, and conversations with trusted advisors, I have made the decision not to renew my Tour membership for next year and join Liv Golf”. However, Tringale is grateful to everyone who had an influence on his career.

“Thank you Tiger, Arnie and Jack for paving the way for the professional game to be where it is today,” Tringale said. “You have created a marketplace for the rest of us and I am forever indebted to you. I want to express my deep gratitude for the PGA Tour and their teams across all levels for creating, maintaining, and growing the platform that has allowed me to pursue my dream of playing professional golf at the highest level.

To my fellow competitors, I have been privileged to compete alongside you. Your hard work and professionalism have spurred me on to pursue a higher level of mastery in the game we dearly love. Thank you."

Cameron Tringale statement: I have loved my PGA Tour

Tringale spent some wonderful years on the PGA Tour and made a name for himself in the world of golf.

This time he is eager for a new challenge. "Thank you to media, announcers, broadcasters and crews for covering my career and capturing moments for family and friends afar. To family, friends, caddies, coaches, sponsors, hosts, and supporters.

What a ride these last 13 years have been. Playing the PGA TOUR has been the thrill of my lifetime. Filled with laughter, near missed, tears and cheers, I can confidently say I have loved my PGA Tour adventure and am forever grateful to everyone who has been by my side." An interesting decision, but will it be accepted?

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