Golf legend 'in fear' of Greg Norman: He's come back with serious backing

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Golf legend 'in fear' of Greg Norman: He's come back with serious backing

Greg Norman is a serious face of the golf scene. Real chaos was created by the arrival of Liv Golf. The CEO and commissioner of LIV Golf is under a lot of pressure, but he does not give up on the idea. He wants LIV Golf to be the absolute ruler of the golf scene.

Colin Montgomerie predicted this situation much earlier and seems to be afraid of Norman and his decisions. "This was on the cards 20 years ago with Greg Norman. He didn't have the backing so it went away. Now he’s come back with serious backing – the deepest pockets we’ve ever known.

I mean, we’re not talking hundreds of millions, we’re talking tens of billions. There’s nothing that we can do about that right now. We have to accept that and work with that and we haven’t worked with it yet.

We've got to work with it now because they’re not going away, or else there’s a them and us situation”. - he said, as quoted by


The Saudis have huge money with which they control the players, control the golf scene and it will be difficult to fight against them.

DP World Tour and Pga Tour are trying to defeat the enemy with joint forces, but will they succeed? It will be difficult... “Legal costs are up in the seven figures for the European Tour. That money is coming out of the purses for the European Tour.

So those players are taking money from their own peers that they were sharing locker rooms with before. It’s a very, very difficult situation – them and us – and we have to somehow bring those two groups together and I can’t see it happening overnight because the Saudi money is such that it’s changed our game and is changing our game, and there’s more to come.

It’s a very difficult situation we find ourselves in. We have to work together and we’re not working together yet”.

Greg Norman