Shane Lowry on LIV Golfers: I don't hang out with them anymore

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Shane Lowry on LIV Golfers: I don't hang out with them anymore

Many are against Liv Golfers coming to the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth. After a large number of players joined LIV Golf, they could guess what consequences awaited them. However, they managed to fight for an appearance on the DP World Tour, and one of those who is frustrated by this is Shane Lowry.

“There's some of the guys I kind of don't mind them being here given what they have done for the Tour over the years,” said Lowry for “There are certain guys I just can't stand them being here to be honest.

I don't like it that they are here. I think to be honest, the one thing that has really annoyed me over the last few months is how disruptive they are all trying to be. Obviously they are here for world ranking points somewhat but they are here to be disruptive and I don't like it."

Lowry on LIV Golfers

Some resent them for this move and consider it hypocrisy.

Lowry agrees. "To be honest, if I put myself in those guys' shoes, would I be here this week? No, it's too uncomfortable for me. It is what it is. Like I said it's the BMW PGA Championship, the biggest event in Europe and we would be talking about that and we are not.

It's disappointing." Shane won't have much contact with them, obviously. “Anybody that knows me, I don't like confrontation or any of that stuff. I'll say hello and do my thing. That's the way I'll be. Obviously the lads, I've known them for years and some of them became quite good friends over the last few years.

But obviously I haven't seen them in a long time now, don't hang out with them anymore. Probably won't be going out for dinner because we haven't seen each other. But yeah there are certain lads that I shake hands with and certain hands I wouldn’t”.

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