Ian Poulter isn't worried about the poor reception at Wentworth

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Ian Poulter isn't worried about the poor reception at Wentworth

The arrival of Ian Poulter meant various reactions. Poulter surprised golf fans by joining Liv Golf, but getting to the BMW PGA Championship was no problem for him. Poulter is a person who knows how to deal with criticism. Reporters follow his every step, and thus they saw a 'potential' conflict between him and Horschel.

Poulter denied such allegations. "It has been absolutely fine," Poulter said for skysports. "Not really going to say an awful lot about it. My phone number hasn't changed at all. I have spoken with a few of the boys. Doesn't seem to be a problem from my time that I've been talking to them." Arriving in Wentworth, he was not greeted in the best way.

You could hear the booing, but Ian wasn't too concerned about it. Success in the tournament is what interests him. "We can always play this game of he said, she said, and petty comments. It's just easier if I don't say anything.

It makes it easier on everyone to be honest. There's been a lot of petty comments in the last few weeks and I'm not going to comment on them."

LIV Golf Clothing

Keith Pelley asked LIV Golfers not to wear clothes with LIV Golf logos, but Ian Poulter did the opposite, which caused reactions and criticism on his account.

"I've had a lot of different branded shirts in the last number of weeks," Poulter said. "This is a business that I actually own part of, so it has a right to be there. I just have had about six different sets of clothes in the last five weeks of which I can't possibly go to the embroiderers and have another set made up for this week. I am here for three weeks, I'm traveling, so this was the set I brought."