Adam Scott: "We have nothing to lose. Not a thing."

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Adam Scott: "We have nothing to lose. Not a thing."

Adam Scott will be part of the International side in perhaps the most difficult moments for them. Many players have become part of Liv Golf, which means that they cannot be part of the International side. However, they try to remain optimistic.

“I’m sure Trevor had a good idea about what was going to happen with the LIV guys,” says Scott, as quoted by golfdigest. “As frustrating as that is, he has his plans in place. I’m sure it was a big relief for him to be able to announce his team the other day.

Now we can look forward. He can almost hand things off to us to go play. Hopefully we all go out there and just let loose. We have nothing to lose. Not a thing."

Adam Scott and the International team

The international team seems to be going well and there is a lot of potential there.

“My overall take is that I really like the vibe of where the International team is going. We’re in the infancy stage of creating the sort of culture that is obvious in European teams at the Ryder Cup. In the past it was difficult get everyone in the side on the same page.

Efforts weren’t being made in the right areas. Everyone was making an effort, but maybe only when they arrived on-site”. This is perhaps the weakest team on the International side, but they must not give up on their goals.

“It’s always exciting going into any Presidents Cup, but this year is a little different. It’s hard to deny we are maybe the heaviest underdogs ever. However, funny things have happened. Not many, I grant you.

But I do have a very good feeling generally about the International team. Just generally, not specifically this group of 12. I think the whole environment Ernie Els made an effort to create—and which Trevor has embraced over the nearly three years since we last played—is growing”.

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