Jay Monahan on alliance with DP World Tour


Jay Monahan on alliance with DP World Tour

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is optimistic and has high expectations for cooperation with DP World Tour. "Our alliance is going to continue to take shape and serve to the benefit of golf fans throughout Europe and throughout the world," Monahan said for Sky Sports.

"The DP World Tour and Keith Pelley are going to be a huge part of that. We're going to continue to talk about ways we can continue to add value and strength to the DP World Tour. Coming off BMW [PGA Championship], coming off Italy, looking at the weeks ahead, looking at the strength of ticket sales, there is tremendous momentum behind the work that we're doing.

If you're a fan of professional golf at the highest level, having these two tours coming together is going to continue to benefit you. That's who we're serving, and we'll continue to do that." Jay Monahan wants to attract the best players.

"We're going to know where the best players on the PGA Tour, the best players of the world, are playing over the course of the season. We also know that they're going to be announcing additional events to their schedule in what is an already truncated schedule.

You're going to have more heat, more intensity in the heart of the competitive framework of our schedule - around the big championships. This comes on the heels of what fans have continued to see and experience on the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour - this excitement that continues to build and support the growth of this game.

It's our job to continue to listen to the fan, continue to listen to our members, and continue to do everything we can to produce a highly competitive platform with competitive integrity," Monahan added.

Jay Monahan and criticism

Jay is under a lot of pressure because of certain things.

But he is an experienced man "The criticism, to me, I embrace because ultimately, having the support of the best players in the world, having them take ownership of their tour and having them provide some direction that they think - from a competitive standpoint - is going to help the tour grow and get stronger. If you're embracing it, then you shouldn't be in this seat."

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