Andrew Beef Johnston announced his return!


Andrew Beef Johnston announced his return!
Andrew Beef Johnston announced his return!

Andrew Beef Johnston will soon return to what he loves most: golf. After the injury he had, which was unclear, his goal is Portugal and he will try to give his best in that tournament. The injury affected him and he missed a lot.

Speaking to the Strikers and Radar Podcast he talked about the injury; "I've seen two specialists. No one seems to know exactly what it is, which is probably the worst thing about it. I'm basically trying to find a diagnosis to get back on the course.

"- he said, as quoted by A man who was used to playing in golf tournaments for years and being focused on it, had to get used to life without golf. It was not easy, but now he will have a chance to make up for what he missed.

"It's frustrating because I was really looking forward to this season, so to find out I'm probably not going to play this year has been pretty insane. It did put me in quite a dark place for a bit."

Andrew Beef Johnston talks about his weight problems

Beef Johnston has always had problems with weight, and this affected his physical and mental problems.

He decided to change things. He spoke about this 8 months ago "I’ve been thinking about my weight a lot this last week. I think it has something to do with injuries too. I balloon in weight a lot and I’m not happy with how much I’ve put on.

Not so much just how I look, but health and fitness wise too. I’ve debated posting this a few times and thought you know what if anyone else struggles with their weight let’s motivate each other to lose it. No ones perfect and a little teamwork won’t hurt anyone. Let me know if you’re going through a similar thing or struggling to get started and we can do it."