Rickie Fowler: Imagine if LIV was backed by, like, Apple or Amazon?

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Rickie Fowler: Imagine if LIV was backed by, like, Apple or Amazon?
Rickie Fowler: Imagine if LIV was backed by, like, Apple or Amazon?

In an interview with The Rick Shiels Golf Show, Rickie Fowler talked about the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, and what it brings to players. “It’s very interesting. I think ultimately it’s going to end up in a better position for the players, hopefully for everyone in the whole game of golf.

I’ve enjoyed kind of learning more about the ins and outs of the PGA Tour as well as LIV."- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com. Fowler still believes that the PGA Tour is the best choice for players. "I’d say it is kind of unfortunate that something like LIV had to come to fruition to make the Tour get up off their chair and, you know, do something.

I’ve always believed that the PGA Tour has been the best place to play. It currently is and a lot of us want to see it continue to be that. But, yeah, you can’t really just stay the same and expect to be the best”.

LIV Golf and critics

However, he believes that LIV Golf is too much under the criticism of others. “You can go into a lot of it, but imagine if LIV was backed by, like, Apple or Amazon, because I also don’t necessarily like that the, kind of...

the one stance just going after the moral issue and being associated or with Saudi. It’s like no one’s perfect, no one’s clean." In his opinion, the meetings should have taken place much earlier.
"I think the meeting should have taken place four or five years ago when this all kind of came about.

That was the tour’s first mistake, was not meeting. Whether you agree or not at least having heard the info or gotten the info for yourself and going from there, I think maybe we'd be in a little different position than we are today”.

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