Paige Spiranac suffered a lump in her breast

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Paige Spiranac suffered a lump in her breast

In a recent interview, Paige Spiranac talked about tennis and mentality. The beautiful US golf influencer said, "Golf is 99% mental. I know this well because I struggled with it so much when playing professionally. It was ultimately the reason I stopped playing because I didn't have it." She also added: "Sometimes I close my eyes before I go to bed and play one of my favorite golf courses, from 1 to 18.

I visualize every single shot I want to make. You go through the entire pre-shot routine, seeing the form of the shot, making the shots. There are also books that can help you." Paige has never been able to enter the circuit full-time, but this sport has always been in her heart and on social media she has become famous for providing advice on how to play.

Paige Spiranac suffered a lump in her breast

In a recent interview, Paige has told of the exams for a health problem. During a routine checkup, doctors found a lump in the golf queen's breast. Hence the exams and which made Paige Spiranac breathe a sigh of relief.

She said, “I had to have a biopsy but the result was negative. I'm so thankful!” You never know what other people are going through, so it's very important to provide kindness. I want to thank you for always sending me so much love and support." Paige Spiranac has become the most famous golf influencer in the world, even with more followers on Instagram than a legend like Tiger Woods.

Paige never made it to the Golf Tour full-time, but she became known on social media for providing tips on how to play. Her tutorials on YouTube are followed by her fans: also for the attractive photos that she shares with her followers.

And certainly the clothes that enhance her physique as an athlete and model help to attract many new followers every day, attracted by her incredible Instagram profile.