Butch Harmon: PGA Tour players battling LIV should be thankful

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Butch Harmon: PGA Tour players battling LIV should be thankful

This year will be a great chance to see the progress of Liv Golf and whether the PGA Tour can match its biggest opponent. LIV Golfers lost a lot by coming to this tour, but it seems that the PGA Tour players gained. Butch Harmon, the great golfer, talked about PGA Tour players and their benefits after LIV Golf was created.

“Now I will say this, that the guys on the Pga Tour that have been very vocal against the guys on the LIV Tour ought to thank them because all of a sudden the Tour found $250 million to raise their prize money to get those elite tournaments up to $20 million prize money — oh yes, just like LIV,” Harmon said talking on the Five Clubs Podcast.

LIV Golfers will earn huge money. Their biggest motive was exactly that. They are often criticized for that, but Harmon has nothing against them. "I think we live in a society of free enterprise. I think you have the right to do anything you want to do.

Guys that were offered a lot of money, I would say you would be a fool to turn it down. But you have to understand, and this is true in golf and in your whole life, every decision you make there are certain circumstances that go with the decision.

The guys that left the PGA Tour to go play in LIV, I have no problem with it, I’ll be honest with you. Their circumstances were they knew they weren’t going to be able to go back over here and play at the present time, so just stay over here and play”.

Harmon and his statements

6 months ago, Harmon was talking about the money that was the main motivation for LIV Golfers. Some LIV Golfers deny that this is really the case, but it is hard to believe otherwise. "I think the players that went to the LIV — you're probably not going to agree with me on this — they created the problem because they went for the money, there's no doubt about it.

That's BS about I'm going to play less and I'm going to spend more time at home. No, you went for the money. So just say that. Because the average guy that works — if somebody is in a job and somebody comes up and says I'm going to give you 20 times more money to come over here, they're going to go over there."

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