Greg Norman: I've lost a lot of friendships because of LIV Golf

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Greg Norman: I've lost a lot of friendships because of LIV Golf
Greg Norman: I've lost a lot of friendships because of LIV Golf

Despite being one of the key figures of this tournament, Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, received a less than favorable reaction following his appointment as one of its key people. During an interview with People I (Mostly) Admire podcast, he confirmed that he has lost a number of friendships as a result of this.

"Some of my dear friends don’t even speak to me because of this. That’s their choice. If you don’t want to talk to me again, happy days."- he said, as quoted by In that interview, Greg Norman recalled another similar situation that occurred years ago when individuals moved from the PGA of America to the PGA Tour.

“Ah, 100 percent. And it is the biggest thing to ever happen to the game of golf in over 53 years. And when you think back over time, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus and a few others broke away from the PGA of America that the PGA Tour.

Why did they do that? They do it as players, right? All their independent rights – to compete. This is no different than what were doing today”.

Greg Norman on LIV Golf

Greg Norman confirmed that LIV Golf has reached a multi-year deal with the CW network.

Greg Norman talked about that, but also about the franchise model for 12 teams. He explained what he expected. “So we have 12 principal players. Those 12 principal players own 25 percent of that franchise. The league owns 75 percent of it.

Now that principal player is responsible for his own P&L over his team. No different than any NFL team, right? They’re responsible for their own P&L - profit and loss. So he has to bring in individuals to help him manage his team”. LIV Golf has serious plans and is looking to take over the golf scene.

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