Ian Poulter on 'overeating' and ridiculous abuse after coming to LIV Golf

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Ian Poulter on 'overeating' and ridiculous abuse after coming to LIV Golf

Going on the Liv Golf tour was a big problem for most golfers. They knew what consequences could arise from their decision, but still, they had their reasons why they decided it. Ian Poulter has confirmed that he has problems with overeating after coming to LIV Golf.

The reason for this is the criticism and messages he received. "Those sarnies, covered in HP sauce, on a daily basis, were great, delicious, as was all the chocolate and everything, but I was feeling awful, slovenly, and it was plainly not a good situation.

I would never admit that I was stress-eating, but who knows the way the mind works. I was getting ridiculous abuse and, in that sense, they were tough times. ”- Poulter said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com Poulter had his reasons for doing so.

The main motive was certainly money, and in that way, he wanted to provide for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “I don’t just think of my kids, but their kids and their kids and that is what I work for.

People might have their objections. I’m not sure I get it, but fair enough. Yet I don't understand why they take it so far. “

Ian Poulter on his earnings

Although some believe that he has earned enough, Poulter believes that he can always earn more.

"People ask all the time 'don't you have enough already?' but that's all relative. I treat my golf as a job and I obviously want to maximise every bit of my potential over the coming years.“ Poulter was a guest in the third episode of the Netflix series Full Swing.

He revealed that he received many messages of support and respect after the guest appearance. "I mean, scrolling through the messages, since it was released 10 days ago, it's been one positive thing after another. The opposite of what I’ve become used to”.

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