Greg Norman's reaction after not being invited to the Masters

Greg Norman is in disbelief at not being invited to the Masters

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman's reaction after not being invited to the Masters

Greg Norman is the man who is the biggest promoter of LIV Golf as CEO. Many were surprised by the fact that Norman was not invited to this year's Masters. Norman himself is in awe, especially when he knows that he had a lot of success in this tournament.

“As a major winner I always was before, but they only sent me a grounds pass last year and nothing, zilch, this time around. I’m disappointed because it’s so petty but of course I’ll still be watching”.

- Norman said, as quoted by Norman emphasized many times that LIV Golfers are like a family that gets along. He wants them to show it at the Masters. “You could say I came within touching distance on a few occasions and I suppose it stands out as the big absence on my CV.

That’s part of why it would mean so much to see one of our LIV family in the Butler Cabin. I would be the happiest man in the world, the first to ring and congratulate and pay for what would be an incredible party."

Greg Norman and his ideas

LIV Golfers will be under a lot of pressure and criticism, but they will have to know how to react to it.

But it’s not about me it’s about the players and I’m telling you they’re not going there as individuals, but as a team, backing each other, supporting and rooting for each other. I think that gives these great players an even greater chance next Sunday”.

It's an interesting deal between LIV Golfers if one of them wins the competition. “They’ve said that if one of them wins then the other 17 will hang around and be there to congratulate him around the 18th green,” he said.

Could you imagine what a scene that would be, all these players hugging the winner. You only see things like that in the Ryder Cup, although it’s happening in our events more and more”

Greg Norman