Rory McIlroy on expectations before the Masters

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Rory McIlroy on expectations before the Masters
Rory McIlroy on expectations before the Masters (Provided by Financial World)

Rory McIlroy will go for everything and nothing at the Masters. Last year he was close to victory, and he will finally try to achieve more success this year. The Northern Irishman believes in himself, he is full of self-confidence, and he knows that this is an opportunity that he must take advantage of.

“I think you have to go through everything. Not every experience is going to be a good experience. I think that would lead to a pretty boring life. You have to learn from those challenges and learn from some of that scar tissue that’s built up.

I felt last year that I maybe shed some of that scar tissue and felt like I sort of made breakthroughs. I’m feeling as relaxed as I ever have coming in here just in terms of I feel like my game is in a pretty good place.

I know the place just about as well as anyone”. - he said, as quoted by


Rory McIlroy believes he has what it takes to win this tournament. It is a trophy that will not leave him in his rich career.

The competition is huge, but Rory has top qualities that could decide in the end. "I’ve always felt like I have the physical ability to win this tournament,” McIlroy said. “But it’s being in the right head space to let those physical abilities shine through.

It’s been tentative starts, not putting my foot on the gas early enough. I’ve had a couple of bad nine holes that have sort of thrown me out of the tournament at times. I’ve got all the ingredients to make the pie.

It’s just putting all those ingredients in and setting the oven to the right temperature and letting it all sort of come to fruition”.

Rory Mcilroy