Bubba Watson Reveals LIV Golf Plans

"Legacy-wise, I just want to be part of something that was amazing"

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Watson Reveals LIV Golf Plans

LIV Golf is an ambitious Tour whose goals are getting bigger every year. Bubba Watson is certainly one of the most interesting faces of this tour. In an interview with the media, he talked about LIV Golf as a great project, but he also revealed what LIV Golf's intentions are in the future.

They have a lot on their minds right now, all that remains is to realize it. "I know what our business plan is and business model is. We are talking about having teams from different parts of the world," -Watson said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com "We are talking about having our own golf courses that, basically, we'll call them our stadiums.

We are talking about having golf academies to help young golfers, but also young golfers that want to play at our level, just like any other sports team around the world. So there's a lot of dreams and aspirations and a lot of things that we've already accomplished in less than a year, but we still want to keep going forward." From the very start, Watson understood how serious a challenge LIV Golf was.

He did not think long about whether to accept the offer. It turned out to be a good move for him. "Legacy-wise, I just want to be part of something that was amazing, I believe in. I believe in the right steps and what we are taking.

I believe that golf was kind of stale and the only sport that I saw that was missing team atmosphere, we love The Ryder Cup, we love the Presidents Cup, so why not do it all year round?"

LIV Golf goals

Bubba believes they are at the right spot.

LIV Golf has a lot of room for improvement. We have no doubt that they will really do something great in the future, because for now they are doing well. "For me, you play high school golf as a team, college golf as a team and pro golf, there's no team, and so now there's a team.

Legacy is just be to part of something. It's not about me or who I am individually. It's about all of us coming together to start LIV, to be part of LIV, and watch the game of golf to grow to a place it's never been before, and I think so far we are doing it.

Obviously not as fast as some people want and not as nice as some people want, but I think we are in the right spot, and ten years from now, it will be a different conversation. I mean, I will probably be retired by then. But it will be fun."

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