Greg Norman: I am glad Rory McIlroy is starting to maybe see the light


Greg Norman: I am glad Rory McIlroy is starting to maybe see the light

Rory McIlroy is one of the greatest ambassadors of the PGA Tour and has stood up for this Tour countless times, and fiercely criticized LIV Golf. However, the Northern Irishman seems to have changed his mind, and is much 'softer' about LIV Golf.

His statements and relationship with LIV Golfers speak in favor of this. "It already has had significant relevance because it's made the PGA Tour innovate and adapt," McIlroy said to BBC, as quoted by "It's pushed the PGA Tour to make these changes that will hopefully consolidate its long-term future.

There is no doubt that LIV has come along and it's benefited everyone that plays professional golf at a high level. I'm not disputing that."

Greg Norman is happy with Rory McIlroy

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf could not hide his happiness for Rory McIlroy.

Rory has changed his mind, and seems to have seen things he was 'blind' to until now. “I am glad Rory is starting to maybe see the light a little bit,” Norman said to BBC. “I am glad Rory has recognised that LIV really truly identified how antiquated the PGA Tour was.

I am glad Rory is recognising LIV has been a leader in getting the PGA Tour to try and follow us. Why have we done that? Because of the players”. The Irish are eagerly waiting to see if LIV Golf will come to their soil.

Norman's statements can make them happy. “We are looking to 2025-26, '26-’27 and '27-’28 now. So the popularity of this has spoken for itself, and so yes, countries like Ireland are passionate golf countries and a passionate destination not only for Americans but for Europeans to go play there.

I have built golf courses there, which I am very proud of, so from my perspective, of course, we are going to keep all options open”.

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