Ian Poulter on the LIV Golf experience: It was diving into the unknown

"It was a completely new atmosphere, a completely new product"

by Sead Dedovic
Ian Poulter on the LIV Golf experience: It was diving into the unknown

The arrival of LIV Golf on the big stage was a big surprise. Most golfers did not know what to expect, and whether going to LIV Golf would be the right move. One of the golfers who decided to 'take a risk' was Ian Poulter. His wish was to become part of that competition and make a big change in his career.

Poulter was aware of the risks, but desire was stronger than anything else. It seems that this great golfer has no regrets a year after everything. “Thinking where we started from to now it’s pretty remarkable,”-Ian Poulter said, as per Wales Online.

“It was diving into the unknown. It was a completely new atmosphere, a completely new product." LIV Golf was criticized from day one. However, they did not let such things distract them and had a vision that they wanted to realize.

It seems they succeeded in that. “As the product has grown, you can see the vision behind it. We’ve achieved a lot in those 12 months collectively as a group of players and as a group of people behind LIV to create a new product for a younger audience, a slightly different demographic, and an international product.

It’s exciting, so being nervous in the first one was understandable, but now it’s a very different feeling”.

Ian Poulter is happy with LIV Golf and its tournaments

Ian Poulter recalled the moments from LIV Golf and the great tournaments that remained in his memory.

LIV Adelaide is something that particularly impressed him. A large number of fans, a great atmosphere, and much more was the reason why Poulter has such fond memories of Adelaide. “You go from looking at the vision to tasting it and feeling it and living it and growing with it and the experience has been incredible.

You look back to Adelaide as a showcase event and what LIV Golf can do for an area. Adelaide is one that hasn’t had its fair share of events but look at what LIV Adelaide did to the region. From a perspective of bringing in 75,000 fans, new sponsors, a hole in one, crazy atmosphere, a great concert.

As a concept for us to participate in, it was exciting and refreshing to see fans enjoying themselves."

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