Phil Mickelson opens up on the LIV Golf-PGA Tour merger


Phil Mickelson opens up on the LIV Golf-PGA Tour merger
Phil Mickelson opens up on the LIV Golf-PGA Tour merger

The decision by Phil Mickelson to join LIV Golf disappointed many of his fans. There were sharp criticisms of his move, especially from the older golf fans, who asserted that he had "betrayed" golf by taking this step. In the following year, however, there was a merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

There has been no comment from Mickelson regarding the merger as of yet. However, a few days back, he decided to express his opinion, and to emphasize that he is incredibly happy that the two sides have finally found a common language.

"I would say I felt appreciation that we got to this point where we're working together because it makes me confident with where the game of golf is headed in the future," Mickelson said. "We felt like it was going to be about two years roughly before we got to that point.

It took a year and a half or six months quicker than I thought it would be."

Phil Mickelson: We have a lot of confidence

There is a lot of discussion surrounding whether LIV Golf will continue to operate in the future, and what the implications of this agreement will be for the future of the tour.

Mickelson has no doubt that LIV Golf will continue to exist. According to him, the most important thing is to have confidence in Greg Norman and to be able to continue playing golf for as long as possible. It is likely that many details will become clearer in a few weeks or months.

"Everything over the last couple of years that we've been told by Greg and everybody on LIV has come to fruition, so we have a lot of confidence in what they have been saying to us," Mickelson said. "We don't really feel the need to publicly posture our position.

There's really no need for us to talk about things publicly but to just let it play out."

Source: ESPN

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