BEAUTIFUL Sonya Deville and Rhea Ripley in this AMAZING PIC!

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BEAUTIFUL Sonya Deville and Rhea Ripley in this AMAZING PIC!

Sonya Deville has recently came back to fight partially in the ring, after a long time spent only being a WWE officer and one of the things that characterized this return is certainly her look. In fact, as she always said, when she wears her suit with her jacket she is a WWE officer, therefore untouchable, while when she has her gear she obviously is a wrestler ready to fight.

This speech originated primarily from her feud with Naomi, who discouraged the shining girl from attacking her when she was in the capacity of an officer. On the occasion of WWE Elimination Chamber, which was held in Saudi Arabia, obviously women were forced to wear opaque costumes and this time they did it by abandoning those ugly baggy t-shirts and leaving room for complete costumes, but which did not affect their character and their personality.

Rhea and Sonya's amazing pic!

During the evening of that premium live event, Sonya Deville and Rhea Ripley took a backstage photo together, which the former posted on Twitter with the description: "Your darkest nightmare!" Obviously this was done because the two were wearing similar tracksuits, but web wrestling exploded and in her recent interview with Ryan Satin, the lgbtq + rights advocate, she said: "When I returned to my match against Naomi, I was getting tweets.

that the gear looks like Rhea Ripley's. I was like, 'Oh, a little bit yes.' But I didn't do it intentionally. We have a very similar style and then we looked at each other and we saw it, and she said: We have to do a photo shoot.

I said: Dude, we have to. So we went to do some. photo. I don't know why, but the combination with me and Rhea, every time I post a picture of me and Rhea, the comments section goes crazy, and they're a little inappropriate if you know what I'm saying."

Then she also added, "I don't know what it is. I post photos with beautiful women all the time. Mandy, Liv, Carmella. I think it could be that we both have great energy, strong energy." The reporter pointed out to her that people probably do it because they are very attracted to the two of them, not to be vulgar, and she replied that she understood better now and that she didn't know it could generate so much interest, but that she will keep it in mind.