The Undertaker: "Outside the arenas I scared the fans"

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The Undertaker: "Outside the arenas I scared the fans"

In this week's Out of Character with Ryan Satin, The Undertaker talked about his real-life personality and his undertaker character. On the Deadman character he said: "I've always liked scary things. I liked scary movies.

I've always been fascinated by mystery. When I was a kid, there was more theater in my mind. Movies were really for me. I want to. say, they showed you everything. But in the beginning they would interrupt things and let your mind analyze them.

I have always been fascinated by death as well. There was a time frame when I had family members working in a business funeral home, so I was hanging around the coffins and embalming rooms. I didn't know at that point where my career and future would end but it's fun to know how things turned out.

" On his personality outside of television: "I'm much lighter. I'm not as dark as what you see on TV. I like playing pranks on people. There was a time when it was difficult for me to close with Undertaker. I mean, now that I've lived through that character, it has sometimes spilled over into my real life.

The Undertaker: "Outside the arenas I scared the fans"

But at this point, I'm rediscovering who Mark Calaway is and a lot of the things I've sacrificed for the sake of my career and that character. I am finally able to spend time with my children and my wife.

You know real time not time when I'm sitting there thinking about an opponent coming or what I could do differently during matches. I miss being in the ring, if my body would let me, I'd probably still be out there.

But it's good to be home and not have to worry about what to do. I've been on TV for over 30 years, so it's a little hard to hide right now. But now I make a much bigger effort for this kind of thing." On the effect of him on the fans: "A while ago we didn't have any security guards, we went out of the arena and we had to get to our car by ourselves.

Especially during the first four years, all the other colleagues were attacked. On the other hand, when I walked out the back door with Paul Bearer, I had a strange effect on the fans. People were walking away from me and I didn't have to say anything, I didn't have to yell at anyone. People didn't know how to get me."