Is William Regal seriously ill?

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Is William Regal seriously ill?

One of the most important characters of NXT's last few years has certainly been its former General Manager, William Regal. During the latest wave of layoffs that the WWE management wanted to bring to its third brand, with which the McMahons literally wiped out almost the entire team protected by Triple H, even Regal was fired, after more than 20 years of work.

with the Stamford federation, which had also saved his life, as admitted by the former English wrestler himself. For years, Regal was in fact subjected to an addiction to alcohol and psychotropic substances, with the wrestler who in several interviews thanked the WWE and the McMahons for having changed his life and career, at a time when in very few other companies he they would have done.

At the moment, however, it appears that Regal's physical situation has worsened in recent years, with a delicate surgery a few months ago that would have brought out new health problems for him.

How is William Regal really?

After his arrival in the All Elite Wrestling rings, rumors have emerged online regarding the situation around the former General Manager of NXT, with Regal initially denying it all, but with several American newspapers that continue to cast doubts on the stability of the health of the former wrestler.

In the latest update reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, new details also emerge that could be addressed by Regal himself in one of his upcoming interviews: "Regal mentioned that he has little time left to live and it has sent people crazy.

As Regal opened his autobiography and in various public appearances he spoke intensely about substance abuse and the problems that nearly killed him now a generation ago, which also nearly killed his career before he and Chris Benoit had a huge match at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show a year and he wanted to renew this interest in him, working for years with WWE, for a very long period that has come to this day.

Apparently Regal's health problems at this point are much more serious than what has emerged so far and there will be an interview to be released next week that he wanted to do in Talk Is Jericho in which there will be more details. "