Who are the celebrities who suffer from depression?

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Who are the celebrities who suffer from depression?

There are many celebrities who suffer from depression today and who have problems with anxiety and panic attacks. Nowadays, great emphasis is placed on mental health and that is why many celebrities talk about it publicly. In the following lines we will present some: Dwayne Johnson He is known as one of the 'toughest' but still it seems that things are not quite as they seem at first glance The Rock is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, but "The Rock" also spoke about the depression that afflicts him and told Express magazine that "Fight and pain are real", and it took me a long time to realize that the key is not to be afraid from talking about it.

We men especially like to keep it to ourselves, but know that you are not alone. " Katy Perry In one show, the pop star decided to share her ordeal with fans so that they would know who she really is. "If people see who I really am, they will realize that they too can dream big dreams," she added.

Perry also suffered from depression and hid her diagnosis. Yet at one point she publicly revealed everything

Jim Carrey

Someone who is one of the most famous comedians and who has entertained us all these years has revealed his side of the story The person behind some of the craziest characters on TV screens says he has had dark stages in his life.

He spoke openly about antidepressants, and today he lives a very secluded life and pays close attention to the spiritual side of life. "I rarely drink coffee, and I'm very serious when it comes to alcohol or drugs.

Life is simply beautiful. " Robin Williams A person who may have developed the most awareness of mental illness, but unfortunately in a bad way. When this famous man committed suicide in 2014, the world remained silent.

The famous comedian suffered from depression, severe alcohol and drug abuse. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and once said: "Am I in a manic phase sometimes? Yes I am. Am I like that all the time? I am not.

Am I often sad? Yes I am. Is it hard for me? Yes, very." .