Tiger Woods: Early life, his father's role, adultery, accident

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Tiger Woods: Early life, his father's role, adultery, accident

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous athletes, but his career has been marked by some scandals, which some do not know about. Woods was born in 1975 in California. He is the only child of the father of an African American army officer and a Thai mother.

His mother and father played a big role in his life, but it seems that his father was a 'stronger' figure, and that he influenced his life more. Woods loved golf from an early age because of his father. His role model and best friend (father) passed away in 2007, and this left great consequences on him.

However, not everything was so 'black' and his wife gave birth to his first child in 2007, and then he also won the world golf championship. Only two years later his second son was born. However, just when everything went the way he wanted, things got bad: It was in 2009 that rumors surfaced about the love affair between Woods and the manager of a nightclub.

Although there was a lot of evidence, they denied it. After that, there was an incident where Tiger's wife smashed the rear window of her husband's car with a golf club to get him out of the locked car.

Woods incident

Woods had to end up in the hospital after that.

After that incident, peace and quiet reigned. Tiger Woods didn’t talk much to the media, as if he was furious at them for all the headlines in that period. But the worst came. Many other girls and women came forward with the story that they were his mistresses.

Woods was under tremendous pressure during that period, and it was difficult to function in such an environment. He paused, but soon returned. It turned out that it wasn't the best decision, considering that season was one of the worst.

Woods tried to come back again, but the injuries were stronge. Things went totally bad. The last thing that happened was February 23 and the news that he had a big accident, and that the firefighters had to cut a part of the car in order to get the golfer out.

Of course, the media was again the ‘key’ in the story. But that’s what happens when you’re a celebrity Still, it must be admitted that Woods is a top athlete, and a man who marked one era of golf.